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Saturday, February 20th, 2010 is a web site focused on the sale of LED Lamps, Bluetooth Mirror etc.

This client wanted his site to do 2 things, he wanted a site where he could tell a lot about the products and at the same be able to sell the products in whole sale  quantity.

noble Vision

We provided the following services:

  • Domain registration and hosting was provided by us
  • We installed and fully customized one of the best CMS systems for this client (Joomla)
  • We added up a shopping cart in the form of Virtue Mart to handle the orders online.
  • We stocked up the shop online using product images and descriptions provided by the client.
  • We trained the client on how to manage his site.


Saturday, February 20th, 2010 is a web store focused on African and Caribbean foods . The offline store is located in Pitsea Market in Basildon. Essex, UK. (JES GENERAL STORE).


We approached this client and sold the idea of putting up a web store for his business. This web store is supposed to  achieve the following

  • Be a web advertisment for the goods
  • Take orders online
  • Allow customers to check stock availability
  • Help reduce over crowding in the offline store as orders can be made online
  • Generally offer more services online.
  • We offered the following Services:
  • We provided the hosting and domain registration
  • We installed and customized one of  the best Ecommerce script (Prestashop)
  • We took pictures of the goods and stocked up the store
  • We trained the Admin on how to manage this shop.

Comment: This shop prompted the need for us to go into partnership and develope a recipe website for another client .