Welcome to MDS website sales, we are happy to tell you that every single website seen here no matter how sophisticated or simple they appear had been single handedly developed by us and managed by us, if you would like to get more information on the sites please feel free to contact us at support@mdsnig.com

For those searching for established websites to take to another level have found the right place here at our website, our job is to cover half of the journey for you.
All the information seen on all the sites we sell here are true and nothing had been hidden from you. Our job is to think of a good online business, develope a site around it, make it functional and then sell it to the buyer who knows exactly what to do with it.
Before we sell any website, we would like to make sure our buyers are aware of what they are getting into, this is to help us keep our quality and also to make sure the buyer is fully qualified to handle the business or website he or she is buying.

Not only are we engaged in all the above mentioned services, we also use this blog to blog on other projects we are undertaking, we blog about websites under our technical support, new projects awarded to us by clients and many other issues related to our website business.

If you find time to visit our technical blog, you would find interesting answers and solutions to every website problem, software and hardware problems we have addressed in the past.