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M Digital Voip

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

M Digital Voip is brought to you by Master Digital Services UK, We are Voice Over Internet Service Providers (VOIP) with both wholesale and retail options. Cut down  the money you spend on international calls. Make a call through your computer (PC – PC, PC – Phone, Phone to Phone) by downloading our soft client  or use our  Mobile application options that lets you make your calls on the move through mobile phones or tablets. Please contact us here to apply for a Voip account. Pay us through Bank, Western Union, PayPal, Credit Card etc.

Cheap Voip Calls



The M Digital  Voip softphone allows you to make calls PC to PC, PC to Phone , Phone to Phone etc with an  extremely good  sound quality.



M Digital Mobile  application lets you make a call with your Mobile phones or tablets. Your mobile App is available for download once you have created an account with us.


Please view our rates list here, we offer one of the best rates in the VOIP industry.




Illusions Store Pitsea Basildon

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Illusions store is a multipurpose shop that sells large size clothing , household , smoking accessories etc. Illusions Store is a member of the E-Commerce family and guarantees a secured and trust worthy business transactions. Customers can either purchase online to be delivered to them or purchase online to pick up at our offline store in Pitsea Market, Basildon.


BaaXaar Gift shop

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

BaaXaar is a gift shop based in Belgium and a member of the E-commerce family. BaaXaar brings to you unique gift items that would wow your friends and family. Purchasing from our shop is secured and we guarantee a quick delivery. We only ship within Europe but would ship to any part of the world with special arrangements.

Gift items , Arts and crafts

E-Commerce Family

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

E-Commerce Family is a family of online retailers with live street stores. The E-commerce family is not drop shipping but comes with a different model that guarantees customers lower prices for goods and secured online transactions. The E-commerce family is made of of individual independent traders.  If you are a trader, please feel free to join the E-commerce family, if you are a customer, please feel free to purchase any item from the Family.

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Elomba TV

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Elomba TV is a media website dedicated to Nigerian (Nollywood) and international  movies. This website brings you the latest Nollywood movies and has a large database of archived movies that you would like to see.

Watch Nollywood Nigerians