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Friday, January 21st, 2011

We have launched our mds general store, we sell everything apart from food stuff. Mds general store ships to everywhere in the world and in some countries with pre arranged cargo. Mds general store sells household, electronics, solar, clothing, shoes and other miscellenous items that are unique. Please feel free to buy or ask us any question regarding any product we sell. We are constantly updating our store daily.

Variety of Items and cheap prices

Unique and affordable items


Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
Free blog hosting

Free blog hosting

( THIS WEBSITE HAD BEEN SOLD) is a free blog hosting site with over 90 blogs currently hosted in it. It has a solid administrative interface to administer the site from. It also has over 10 solid templates for bloggers to choose from. This blog hosting service also has a paid membership section with paypal payment integrated into it. Advertisments can be placed on bloggers blogs from the admin panel at the head, foot or sides. The reason for selling this site is due to lack of time to manage it It is a great site for anybody willing to take it to the next level. PR = 2


Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

(THIS WEBSITE HAD BEEN SOLD) was started in April 2006 and at the time it grew only as a forum attracting more than 1000 members, more than 5000 page views monthly , more than 200 daily visits and an ad revenue from google, bidvertiser and direct banner rotation totalling $100 monthly. Due to lack of time to manage this site and being abandoned for while, It has now been brought back to life the forum cleaned, a directory and a blog added. So far traffic is gradually returning back and the potential to make money is back again.

The directory has boosted the traffic recently recieving good top searches for related keywords. This site was developed to offer information and interaction to those looking to make money online. Any body with a good knowledge of what to do can quickly turn it around and make a fortune with the domain and focus of the site.

It comes with :

3 months free hosting

1 month free technical support within our reach


$30 monthly


Monthly Page Loads = 2000

Monthly Uniques = 800

First time visitor = 500

returning visits = 25

For more info please visit here:

Price: $500

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