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RILGAM.COM (General Merchant)

Sunday, May 16th, 2010 is a small scale business specialised in general merchandise like household, medical and auto parts. They are also specialised in the sale of charcoal and dashboards. This client approached us to set up a web presence  for them and we have come up with this simple but sophisticated website. This would enable them display their goods and  sell it online.

General Merchant

General Merchant

We provided the following services:

We installed and customised the website

We provided the hosting

We trained the client on how to manage it


Monday, May 10th, 2010 is an online foods store selling Afro Caribbean and European foods in Uxbridge. Asian and European foods are also available. Continental food store is just 2 mins walk from the Uxbridge underground station. Drinks like Malt, Nigerian Fanta, Caribbean drinks are sold. Goat meat, Cow meat , Garri, Semolina, red oil, Ghana Garri,Tilda rice, baron sauce and many more are all sold at the continental food store in Uxbridge. Please click o image to go to continental food store.

Direct Online Purchase Coming Soon!

Continental Food Store Uxbridge UK

Continental Food Store Uxbridge UK